Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Last Fair Deal

When the cocaine boom hit South Florida in the late 1970's, Hank McCarty was right in the middle of the action. By the mid 1980's, South Florida had gone from the land of tourists and retirees to the cocaine capital of the United States. Chief of Police Curtis McCarty and Mayor Hank McCarty had manged to lead secret lives, until one day the bottom fell out and the DEA took them down. Now faced with an uncertain future, nineteen year-old Will McCarty has to make the decision whether of not to walk away from his life as a college student and enter into the family business in order to take care of himself and his family. Last Fair Deal, the sordid tale of the McCarty family, is a cinematic work of contemporary fiction that combines elements of pop mythology, neo-noir, and American pulp fiction.

My debut novel, Last Fair Deal, is now available in print and ebook. Order or download a copy from your local Amazon site today.