Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why I Haven't Posted Anything in Awhile . . .

Besides working a mixed bag of shifts that has made it impossible to keep any kind of writing schedule and my current obsession with HBO's The Wire, I just finished season 4, I'm at work on a pair of novels. Yes, I'm writing two at the same time. Why? I never really intended to, I'm just having an incredibly difficult time focusing on any one project right now. I'm going to be posting some new work in the next few days. Mostly poetry and fiction with the occasional ramblings about baseball thrown in. Here is a poem to start off.


hunger bows the head to be forgiven
but is crticized for being unconvincing

"we need more suffering. something beside your trembling lips, sunken malnourished eyes. could you hide your distended stomach? it's unsightly, a bit too realistic."

piercing truth
over and over again
until you get it right
piercing truth
until all contradictions living inside of you die

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