Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nashville and The Hurt (Pt 3)

It's AB followed by STRACT

Outside black smoke billows from where a star fell to earth and caused the fall of an empire. I watch it all from behind a pair of dark shades. In the kitchen, i mix paint in various Campbell Soup cans and I'm transformed. I shed a tear and find myself high.

The rubber cement sniffed, brought back a flood of memories. From the back of my head to the front, old movies replay.

The room is filled with bare skulls and they are all wondering if there is a porn star alive that doesn't have acne on her ass. The cold that comes in from the outside brings us back to the moment of birth. Being ripped from the womb and placed on the front lines of a nasty and endless war.

Kindness is a stripper that makes change.

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