Thursday, November 4, 2010

under the big tent

I dream you in silver,
a star in this sideshow.
I dream you giving the whip
to the lion's tamer.

I dream you giving yourself,
but not your soul.
We are like Siamese twins
waltzing across the circus floor.

The clown faced organist
playing the soundtrack
to our secrets and lust games.
I've got promises in my pocket
but no key to open the door.

I've got the trapeze girl's kisses
but my heart isn't hers to adore.

I've got the strongman's threats
but no desire to refuse you.

We are the knife thrower and his exquisite assistant
clinging to the ethereal,
while the bearded lady sings her hymns.

Where are you tonight?
The ringmaster will be here soon
to deliver my fate.

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