Monday, October 12, 2009

World Gone Wrong Pt 7


The city is quiet now, the riots have ended. The National Guard has taken control of the streets. Ron, pockets now fat with cash is on his way home, hoping that home is still there. Phoenix set sail for China after learning that the ship Ron had pointed out to him, was headed there. After collecting his money, Ron stopped by the ship that Louise had climbed aboard and was told it was headed to Liverpool, England. When he found out that Sam the Donkey was Captain of this vessel, he laughed to himself and asked to come aboard. Sam had put Louise in a nice cabin and vowed to take good care of her, which made Ron laugh. He gave Louise some of the money he'd been given by Phoenix to help her out once she got to England.

“You're not going to tell Phoenix, where I am are you?”

“No. He thinks you're headed to China. I'm going to see what's left of my apartment, then I think I'm going to pack up my belongings and hit the road. I'm thinking I'll see what Peru is like.”

“That sounds nice.”

“Well best of luck to you.”

Ron reached home and found his apartment building still standing. Most of the cars parked along the street had been broken into and torched and the convenient store next door had been looted. Up the steps he went, everything in the building was oddly quiet. Once inside his apartment, he took a box of Saltines out of the pantry and ate a few. They are stale but he's so hungry it doesn't matter. He drank the last beer he had in the fridge, then began to look around his apartment. He decided to leave everything just as it was, he would only take one suitcase worth of clothes, and a few essential items. He swore to himself that he'd never return to this God forsaken town again.

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