Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Day with George (Part 4)

Being that it's the first week the exhibit has been open, there are quite a few visitors. George is still upset about Rocky flipping him off, and all these people aren't helping the situation.

“Were you aware . . .” George begins loud enough for everyone to hear him. “that these beautiful and noble gorillas are being killed by the score in the wild. Soon there will be none left. The only existence a gorilla will ever know is in captivity. And did you know that poachers cut the hands off the gorillas so people can have exotic desk ornaments.”

“Oh shit . . .” I mutter under my breath. Quickly, I grab George and pull him away. The people's faces show scorn, horror, righteousness, and tears.

“C'mon we've got to get out of here. How about we take a walk to the park?” We make it outside without any problems, but George is a wreck. He's agitated and spastic.

“Okay George, we're gonna take a walk down tot he park, sit in the grass, just watch the river slide by.”

“Sure. Fine.”

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