Wednesday, March 24, 2010

suckerpunch III

Did you know the meek would fight back? Regardless of your vision, regardless of continuity, and mistaken assassinations, debating the obscene is a dream. And the gentle nightmare brings it all together in less than a thousand miles. Once again, there are rumors of Nashville, our returning hero, he's got all he needs and will never fall, despite the rumors of his subtle inability. And in these crossroad times, a man asks for torture and we give him tickets to thirty years ago.

Who wants to go back to where they came from? The obvious reasons as to why it might best are of no concern as the night turns from black and white to inside out.

I'm the fool. I've given more than I should have. Shown more than I should have. Vanity is patiently waiting for heartache. I forget to forget the things that need to be forgotten. The conversation between me and myself never ceases to exist.

(taken from Love Is A Ghost Thing. Published by Publish America.)

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